How to Write a Professional Narrative Essay

Students easily confuse narrative essays with descriptive essays. The main essence of narrative essays tells the events that have happened to the author in the past. Students are expected to write a compelling narrative essay. 

The following tips detail how students can make the best out of this form of essay in a way that will give them the best which will make the exercise easy and go on to earn them the big grades.

  • Preparation

Preparation is vital to achieving success and students are expected to put in everything in their armory to get a full grasp of the topic. Students are expected to choose a topic and get the relevant information required on the topic before going all out to write their brief about the topic. 

Your topic must be one that is rare on the web; should not be too wide and must be one that encourages reading. It is expected of every student to know the requirements of the Instructor so as to remain within focus. It is expected of students to search for info on the topic. Aside from what you are going to get from the web; you can rely on your memories for first-time info.

  • The writing proper

This is the time-consuming part of the exercise. It can be reduced if you take to and exploit the following tips:

Make a plot by diving the entire process into set-up; the main part/climax and the conclusion. It should be emphasized that the introduction should include a hook statement that will entice the readers to read through the essay.

  1. The information must be provided in the first person
  2. Characters and places must be clearly described
  3. Add details that will turn your entire paper around.
  • Edit

Students lose marks because of poor punctuation marks and loose sentences. Edit your work properly to be sure that you are on track. Take your time to do this and ensure that you tie all loose ends. Find every error that is involved in the paper. 

Where it is necessary; an entire paragraph can be removed. All your citations should be verified and your formatting should be in line with the standards. This is where you are expected to reconsider the entire structure of the essay.

  • Proofreading 

If you are to make assurances doubly sure, then it is advised that you give an interval of some time as a break from the work. After you are refreshed enough, then you can come back to proofread your work.

What is expected of you here? You can use tools online to check for errors in grammar. Remove all double spacing noticed in the paper. All incorrect spellings should be replaced with the correct words.

To make assurance doubly sure, you can give it to others close by to help with the process of proofreading in order to make assurance doubly sure. Every error that escapes your lenses will be detected and dealt with.