3 Good Essay Writing Skills Students Lack For Finishing A Strong Paper

Anyone who has ever tried to wrap a gift without tape will tell you that it’s no easy task, but it’s possible with some patience, dexterity, and lots of ribbon. Wrapping up an essay can at times feel like wrapping a gift without tape-students often find difficulties at times, and they may feel like it’s too much work.

  1. Summarizing Thesis Statement and the Main Points
  2. Every student probably knows that when writing an essay conclusion, you need to provide a summary of the thesis statement and the main points in the paper. However, students sometimes lack the skill to do this effectively. Summarizing your thesis statement and your main points is not just a matter of restating those points using similar or nearly similar words. You need to write in a different language when doing the conclusion to make it more engaging. The best way to do this is to restate your points in a more vivid way or in a way that will surprise the reader.

  3. Tie Up the Loose Ends
  4. If you want to end up with a killer conclusion for your paper, you need to tie up the loose ends. For instance, your conclusion could be more drawn out than your thesis statement because you want to include enough detail to tie up the loose ends. Before you write the conclusion, make sure that you read the rest of your article again, but this time with a different perspective. Try to put yourself in the reader’s position and try to picture any questions that might have been left unanswered. You also need to think of any ideas that you may have brought up in the body but you didn’t make them very clear. You can then try to answer such questions in a more concise and clear manner in the conclusion.

  5. Conclude with Interest
  6. The same way you are supposed to use a hook in the essay introduction to capture the reader’s interest is the same way you need to hook the reader’s interest in the conclusion. You can introduce something like a short anecdote, a surprising fact, or a statistic. Alternatively, you can raise a rhetorical question that will give the reader something to ponder and put your topic in context of a greater problem.

In summary, writing a killer conclusion for your academic paper need not be that tough. All you need to do is learn how to present the same ideas using different language that captures the reader’s interest and leaves him/her thinking about something related to your main idea. MyEssayGeek will also help you a lot.