College Essay: How To Write A True Masterpiece

How to write an essay is one topic you cannot escape as a student. At different levels of your education, your teachers will do everything possible to improve your writing skills. The thing is an essay may have many purposes, but basic structure never changes. So even though you were told to write about steps needed to accomplish a task or argue from a point of view, know that the structure is the same for both papers. However, following simple steps, you will understand the basic structure your essay should take.

Choose your essay topic

Sometimes, you may be told to choose a topic for your paper or provided with one. Whatever the case may be, you should first figure out the essay type your teacher wants you to create; is it just a specific analysis or general overview? If you are expected to give a general overview of the topic “The United States of America” then it's possible. But if you are told to give an analysis on this same topic, then you have to make it more specific by changing to something like “health in the USA.” Note that the first topic is too general and broad to analyze.

The thing is even if you are seeking the help of essay writers, you still have to make sure your topic is well defined to prevent cancellations or costly repetition.

Get your ideas together

Organizing your ideas before you start writing proper will make the task a bit easy. But before you think of this, ensure that you have done enough reading and in-depth research. You may even decide to do this before assigning your writing task to an essay writer service, as that information might help give the writer some direction.


  • If you are drafting an outline, start by writing the topic.
  • List your points or ideas in bullet point. If your task is to persuade, state your best arguments when writing your outline. But if you were asked to explain a process, list the steps you would take in the right order.

Note: Do not beat yourself up if your outline does not look professional. Remember you are writing a draft, not your main paper. Also write all your ideas down, do not discard any. This may help even if you are sharing the task with your essay writer

3. Draft the thesis statement

Since you already know the information you are going to present in your paper, you can start draft your thesis statement. But have in mind that as an essay writer, your thesis statement should make the reader know what your paper is about at a glance, and the point you are trying to make. The first part of your thesis statement should also state the topic while the second part should state the point.

After writing the thesis statement, here is your next line of action.

  1. Write the body
  2. Write the introduction
  3. Write the conclusion
  4. Edit your paper ruthlessly

There are tons of essay write service providers you can use for your paper. But you have to be vigilant to pick the best. Finding the best will boost your confidence and put your mind to rest.


Even if you are the write my essay type of student, note that you are still benefiting from professional assistance one way or the other. Your writing improves when you take time to read papers provided by writing helpers. But you must ensure you hire the best writer to get quality services.